There are so many folks other there that have the exact same cheesy site. Some hosting accounts give some sort of totally free utility to create sites like Web site Studio. Plus their are maketers that will sell a package that consists of a hundred templates that can be modified in Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver or even Frontpage. and then there people like Stone Evans with his Plug-in-profit internet site he sells where everyone who joins gets the identical website just with distinct speak to details on it dish network satellite tv fresno california .

But there is a greater resolution, I have a hosting organization that gives all of its site owners a package named Cpanel. In cpanel there is an icon for anything referred to as Fantastico which will install computer software for you that is gennerally what is reffered to as OpenSource applications. programs such as Wordpress, PHPNuke, and my individual preferred a package which is a completeContent Management Resolution named Drupal.

The initial two packages I described are really restricted in what they give you, largely just an opensource Blogging computer software. Drupal offers you this also but also provides you a lot far more like the ability to have a forum on your internet site, or to develop a book which makes use of authors from all about the globe. I have RSS feeds of distinct news sources that automatically update a number of instances per week plus I have Google Adsense adds on all my pages. The ads modify primarily based on the content of my pages but they are a excellent way to make further income. Rather than inform you about all the characteristics you can go straight to and appear at all the items you can get. You can download unique themes to modify the appear of your site plus you can get what are referred to as Modules which permit you to add specific characteristics to your pages like maybe a shopping cart and item catalog.

I am making use of Drupal now for all my sites and I am even considering taking my Plug-In-profit site and seeing how i could transpose it to a Drupal site. My PIPS internet site is at, My Drupal site is

Now if you have more than 1 internet site like i do then you need to appear for a webhost that gives what is named reseller hosting. I pay just $24.95 per month and I can host as several domains as I want with this a single account. Ahead of I located out about carrying out this i used to spend a seperate hosting fee for each and every of my domains which can be very expensive. The best decision I have identified for this is

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